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Newsletters from Your Team at Shannon Law Group

SLG’s August 2019 Newsletter – “And Now These Three Remain: Faith, Hope, and Love”

Joe shares the story of the Little family; Jon talks about his love for barbecue; and Pat introduces his new puppy.
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SLG’s July 2019 Newsletter – “The Case Against Roundup”

Patrick explains the case we’re making against Roundup; Joe keeps you up to speed with the latest at SLG; and Jon talks about how Lyft and Uber accidents are different from normal car accidents.

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SLG’s June 2019 Newsletter – ” From the Desk of Joe Shannon”

In this edition, Joe talks about the role models in his family as he has witnessed them care for one another. Pat shares his experiences with the Honor Flight, and Jon discusses why it’s important to document your injury.

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SLG’s May 2019 Newsletter – The “Experts” of Life Expectancy

Joe Shannon shares his recent interaction with an “expert” of life expectancy hired by the defendants in one of our cases; Pat answers two of his most frequently asked questions; and Jon talks about Lyft’s recent contract with Chicago’s Divvy bike-sharing system.

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SLG’s April 2019 Newsletter – “Saying Goodbye to Father Ken Zigmond”

Joe fondly remembers the former Father of his parish, Ken Zigmond, and how Fr. Ken shaped his life. Pat shares memories of his favorite baseball team. Jon gives his take on the documentary “Free Solo.”

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SLG’s March 2019 Newsletter – “A Salute to President Grant”

Joe shares President Grant’s incredible legacy through the lens of Ron Chernow’s biography; Jon remembers his Irish roots; and Pat gives three steps you should take if you or someone you love is ever hit by a truck.

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SLG’s February 2019 Newsletter – “Building a Community”

Joe thanks everyone who has opened their homes and hearts to his family over the years; Pat recommends three podcasts to binge on your commute; and Jon shares his favorite restaurants in Wicker Park.

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SLG’s January 2019 Newsletter – “Why We Do What We Do”

In this edition, Joe reflects on our best case result in 2018 (which ultimately helped our client move back home after 2.5 years), and Jon talks about his wife’s secret talent.

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SLG’s December 2018 Newsletter – “Gratitude for Our Team and Clients”

Joe Shannon expresses his gratitude for our team and clients in 2018; Pat shares his favorite books from author Pat Conroy; and Jon reflects on the time he spent in Washington, D.C. in October of 2018.

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Discover How We Can Bring Chicago Together and More in November 2018’s Newsletter

Joe Shannon explains how we can unite Chicago in the mayoral election; Jon Svitak reveals the history behind strict limitations for vaccine injuries; and more!

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