I was in a truck accident. Do I need a lawyer?

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After getting into any sort of truck accident, you may ask yourself, “Do I need a truck accident lawyer?” Well, as lawyers often say, it depends.

If you’re in a fender bender collision with a truck and you have no injuries and little or no property damage, you can likely handle your insurance claim without needing an attorney. You want to go this route because most personal injury attorneys charge a contingency fee when you settle a claim. If you have minor injuries and little property damage, you can keep more money in your pocket if you don’t hire an attorney. At Shannon Law Group, we even have tips and guides that we can give you that help you through the insurance property claim or small claims court by yourself without the added expense of hiring a truck accident lawyer.

On the other hand, if you are catastrophically injured in a truck accident, we highly recommend you hire an experienced trucking lawyer. Why?

Simply put, a trucking company’s insurer will never offer you what your case is worth. Trucking insurance companies are in the business of making and keeping money. They are not in the business of paying you or anyone else fair compensation if you make a claim. A trucking company’s insurance company will never offer you what your case is worth if you decide to speak with them directly before hiring an excellent truck accident attorney.

They know that (a) you don’t have the familiarity with injury litigation to appreciate the full value of your case, and (b) you don’t have the resources, experience, and knowledge to maximize the value of your case like an experienced trucking attorney would. That’s why we always recommend reaching out to a truck accident lawyer immediately if you or someone you know is hurt in a truck accident.

Obviously, the two scenarios above leave a wide gap of situations in between. A good general rule of thumb is if there are injuries that required medical treatment – particularly EMT or ER treatment on the day of the crash – it’s worth your time sitting down with a lawyer to discuss your options.

Once we have determined that we can help a particular client, we ask them to delegate all of the stress of the litigation to us. We deal with trucking companies and insurance companies every day – our clients don’t. We hope that by allowing us to shoulder all of the burdens of litigation, our clients can focus on what’s most important – their own recovery.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Truck Accident Lawyer?

1. Hiring A Truck Accident Attorney Will Reduce Your Stress

Litigation can be a stressful environment even for people that deal with it every day. Someone like you, who likely has no experience with the court system, can be stressed out even more.

Once we have determined that we can help someone who has been injured in a truck crash, we ask them to delegate all of the stress of the case and litigation to us. We deal with trucking companies and insurance companies every day – our clients don’t. We hope that by allowing us to shoulder all of the burdens of litigation, our clients can focus on what’s most important – their own recovery.

2. Experienced Truck Accident Lawyers Will Build and Improve Your Case

Another benefit of hiring an experienced trucking law firm like Shannon Law Group is that we understand how the trucking industry works. We understand the various contracts that govern shippers, receivers, logistics brokers and motor carriers.

Experienced truck accident lawyers like us also know how to “peel back the onion” of the trucking company’s operations in order to learn why this crash happened. Oftentimes, our investigation reveals that the crash was totally preventable had the trucking company played by the rules or prioritized safety over the bottom line. Jurors typically don’t like when trucking companies put profits over the safety of the motoring public, which can be reflected in jury verdicts.

A great truck accident attorney looks at any new cases with eyes on the finish line: a jury trial. In order to maximize your recovery, your attorney needs to know what evidence to collect, how to collect it, and how to present it to a jury. The jurors need to understand your injuries and the affect they have had on your life.

3. A Truck Accident Attorney Will Guide You Through The Lawsuit

A good attorney will act as your shepherd through the often complex world of litigation. Before and after your case is filed, your attorney should tell you how to best preserve your rights and your claims. This includes when and with whom you can disclose facts about your case.

Your attorneys should be able to answer all of your questions about the unfamiliar litigation process promptly. He or she can also counsel you on all the benefits available to you to help you get by during the lawsuit, including insurance, disability, or unemployment benefits.

For more information about what to expect after a truck accident, ask for a copy of our forthcoming book, Avoiding a Trucking Nightmare.

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