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Dan Cummings

One of our best recommendations.

When the state has charged a client with a crime, Dan Cummings is on the short list of attorneys we recommend.

What sets Dan apart? It’s simple. When I am considering a referral, I have one question: Would I trust them to represent a member of my family? I would contact Dan in a heartbeat if we needed his services. Located in Naperville, Illinois, Dan has been a trial lawyer for over 30 years and has handled numerous high-profile cases throughout Illinois.

Here’s just one of the notes I received regarding Dan:

“Dan Cummings was a terrific recommendation. My expectations were high, yet they were exceeded at every level throughout the whole process. The multi-level strategies and attention to the most minute detail of my son’s case, along with a compassionate and concerned lawyer, made my son, wife, and I feel like we were part of a family, and I believe we were. For my son, that was a wonderful life experience he will never forget. We are very appreciative for all that Dan did for our son and our family; we would give our best recommendation to anyone who could use his professional services.”

Dan’s legal acumen, however, is trumped by his role as a father and husband. Dan and his wife, Regina, have been married for 30 years. They have three children: Patrick (our superstar lawyer here at Shannon Law Group), Charlie (a soon-to-be veterinarian), and Maureen (a schoolteacher in Milwaukee).

Dan is also active in the community. I remember meeting Dan when we both were working at a PADS shelter over a decade ago. You will never meet a person who is more well-read and knowledgeable about literature. The conversations with Dan regarding the latest books and current events are always interesting and lively.

With his background, upbringing, education, and legal experience, you will not go wrong consulting with Dan Cummings. Dan can be reached at 630-531-0015. Tell him all of us at Shannon Law Group say hello.

– Joe Shannon

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