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5 Most Common Types of Vaccine Injuries You Need to Know

For most people, vaccines offer effective immunity from many serious illnesses. Today, getting diagnosed with polio or mumps is rare, and scientists often point to the success of these injections. However, while these vaccines may be useful in preventing certain...

4 Common and Risky Behaviors That Cause Semi-Truck Accidents

It’s hard to drive down any major roadway in America and not share the road with a commercial truck at some point in your travels. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), there were over 12 million large...

FAQ: If I’m in a Truck Accident, Who Pays My Medical Bills?

Often when we sit down with someone who was seriously injured in a truck accident, one of their first questions is, “I wasn’t at fault in this crash, so who’s going to pay my medical bills?” As is often the...

3 Tips for Driving Safe Around Semi-Trucks on Illinois Highways

  Semi-trucks are a common sight on highways across the United States, especially in Illinois. Because of the sheer size of these vehicles, semi-trucks account for a significant portion of vehicle accidents involving injuries and deaths. In 2017 alone, there...