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Let us hold the responsible parties accountable. Contact us for a free case evaluation today.

Our Tenacious Personal Injury Attorneys Get Results for Victims

$7.775 M Verdict for Multi-Vehicle Truck Crash Victim and Family


$5 Million Settlement for Truck Crash Victim


$1.2 Million Settlement for Victim Injured by Unsecured Cargo

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Helping people injured in truck crashes.

Helping people suffering from vaccine injuries.

Helping people diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Dedicated Personal Injury Attorneys

Every day, we place our trust in others. We rely on other drivers to make responsible choices behind the wheel. We have faith that the medical process will protect us rather than do harm. We depend on the safe environment of our homes and workplaces.

Unfortunately, there are too many times when that trust is violated and innocent people suffer. Tired truck drivers cause serious accidents, or a routine vaccine leaves a patient with crippling side effects, or our employers expose us to dangerous asbestos-containing products. Those times can be scary and overwhelming.

For those in the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, or Washington, our experienced legal team at the Shannon Law Group, P.C., is here to help. Contact our office today to learn more about your rights and how to obtain the justice and compensation you deserve.

Meet Our Personal Injury Lawyers

Joseph Shannon

Joseph Shannon, of Shannon Law Group, provides experienced, quality personal injury legal services for citizens in Illinois and Washington. He is dedicated and committed to reaching a successful outcome.

Jonathan Svitak

Jonathan Svitak is a Chicago personal injury attorney who centers his practice on helping people who have been injured by the negligence or carelessness of others including motor vehicle crashes and vaccine injuries.

Patrick Cummings

As a Chicago personal injury attorney, Patrick Cummings, focuses on helping people who have been harmed by the negligence of others including wrongful death, bad faith insurance, whistleblowers and truck accidents.

Why Choose Shannon Law Group?

Technical Knowledge.

Many high-stakes injury cases rely on information related to federal regulations, insurance policies, and medical diagnoses. Our attorneys understand both what these factors are and how they can affect a legal case. We never shy away from a complicated case, and we pride ourselves on our relentless pursuit of justice for every client.

Proven Experience.

Lead attorney Joe Shannon has over 20 years of experience working with accident and injury clients. Having been there before, our legal team knows what it takes to be successful and how to navigate what can be a complex and difficult system.

Client-Focused Representation.

Our work is about our clients. Our job is to bear the burden of your legal case so that you can focus on your own recovery. We are here to help accident and injury victims find the most effective ways to face a new reality and move forward toward a successful and secure future.

Proven Results.

As our satisfied clients can attest, we come through for injury victims when they need it most. We take our responsibility to our clients seriously, and we will examine every angle of your case to ensure that we have fully explored every legal option. Our knowledge of the law and creative thinking has helped us secure effective settlements for deserving clients.

While a legal claim cannot undo the past, it can help ensure that your future will be as successful as possible.

At Shannon Law Group, we work hard to protect your rights from the first moments after an accident until the final verdict of a trial.

What is Mesothelioma?


What’s The Difference Between A Trial Lawyer And A Settlement Lawyer?


Settlement Attorney vs. Trial Lawyer

Do you want to go to a lawyer that’s what they call a settlement lawyer, or do you want to go to a trial lawyer? Every case that we accept in our office, we intend to try before a jury of your peers or before a judge. The reason being is because we don’t want the insurance company or the other large company that you are against to set the amount of money that you are going to recover. We want you to recover what is fair and reasonable. In my experience, if we can put the case in front of a jury, we can explain to them what your injury is and they will make the decision as to whether your case is worth X or Y.

Typically, the amount the insurance company will set for a settlement case is a lot less than what a jury would award. Now the caliber of lawyer that you hire for this type of case is pivotal. The reason being is that you need to level the playing field between you and the insurance company. We have handled these cases over and over again for decades. We know how the insurance company operates. In fact, I used to work for insurance companies and large companies. Having a lawyer who understands the courtroom and understands the insurance industry is pivotal to you.

What You Should Know About Vaccine Injury Cases


Getting Compensation After a Vaccine Injury

In our country, we have a number of vaccines that all of our children and, in fact, all of us should have. Our doctors recommend them, and our kids are born and throughout their school age, they have vaccinations. For the most part, vaccines are safe; however, vaccines have side effects for a number of people. The government has already set up a program in place that with every vaccination the pharmaceutical companies have to pay a certain amount into a fund. That fund is there, and it is there to make sure that folks who have bad side effects from vaccines are compensated. We have handled these cases before. These are cases where we make sure you are compensated if you have a side effect from a vaccine.

Some people ask, “What is the cost of doing that?” The cost of a vaccine injury case is handled by the government and not by you. So if you do have a side effect from a vaccine it is important that you reach out to a lawyer because there is absolutely no downside to doing so. The lawyer will handle the whole case. The lawyer will handle dealing with a special master. The lawyer will handle the U.S. Court of Claims. The lawyer will handle getting all of the records. We are suited to handle those types of cases. We have been handling those cases and are suited to do that for you.

The prototype type of case for a vaccine case is when somebody is vaccinated and within weeks or months they develop a total out of the blue situation, or they become incapacitated, or they become not their normal selves, or they become paralyzed, or become a total changed person. Those types of cases merit an investigation by a lawyer and by a doctor – a neurologist or someone else – to make sure that you as the parent or loved one can analyze this to make sure that this injury is compensated for. 

What Does A Trial Lawyer Do In A Trucking Crash Case?


Preserving Evidence for Victims of Trucking Crashes

When I meet people in a very traumatic type of case where their loved one has been hit by a truck in a trucking crash, it is a very bad situation. I’m usually meeting them within a week of the trucking crash. It is important that the investigation start right away. Why? Because the insurance company and the trucking company are already way ahead of you (e.g., interviewing witnesses, taking a look at the evidence, and preserving evidence).

The job of a trial lawyer after a trucking crash is to immediately get on this right away – to make sure all evidence is preserved, to make sure all books and logs are preserved, to make sure all witness statements are preserved, to make sure we get good images of the big rig and all of the vehicles so that everything is preserved to protect your interests. The reason being is that when you go to trial against a multibillion dollar company you better have a pretty thick trial bag. That means you better have a lot of evidence to put on, and if you wait and let all of this evidence be destroyed, you are only hurting yourself.

As a trial lawyer, my job is to stand in your shoes and be able to explain your situation to a jury of 12 people. I need to understand exactly how your life has been impacted. The only way that I can do that is by understanding your family, your relationships, your medical situation, how you have been impacted, what your life was like before, what it is like now, and what it is going to be like in the future. All of these things need to be put together and explained to a jury in a simple, concise way. So what we do is, we take the complex and make it simple so that we can express what we need to express to the jury and to the judge. So at the end of the day, you get the compensation that you deserve and you are put back in that place before this tragic event happen.

Meet Trial Lawyer Joe Shannon of Shannon Law Group


Getting to Know Attorney Joe Shannon

I’m one of ten kids. I grew up in a little town called Yakima, Washington. Growing up one of ten kids, I grew up lower on the economic scale, but we grew up rich in love and rich in family. I grew up across the street from a cathedral in Yakima, Washington. I went to St. Paul’s grade school and Carroll High School in Yakima.

I ended up moving to Portland, Oregon, where I ran cross country and track in college. I ended up traveling out to the Midwest to go to Notre Dame for law school. The best part about Notre Dame Law School was that I met my wife there, Michelle.  We have been married since 1990, and we have been blessed with six lovely children: Emma, Clare, Kate, Will, Norah and John.

I went to Notre Dame Law School fully believing that I would be an international lawyer. In fact, I studied in London, England, for a year and learned about international law and comparative law. When I got back to the U.S., I decided that I wanted to be a trial lawyer; I’ve been a trial lawyer since 1988.

For the first eight years of my practice, I represented insurance companies and large companies. I learned from the best. I learned how the system works (how the civil system works). If somebody is injured, they are entitled to compensation. But how much? I learned from the insurance companies about the business side of insurance. How they limit the amount a person recovers and how large companies think.

In 1996, I decided to forge my own path. I decided to represent the little guy. In fact, I wanted to go back from where I came from. It fit my personality better and it fit the way I think a little bit better. I learned that I felt more comfortable in a courtroom walking in sitting next to the person who needed me, not a big large corporation who already had a ton of other lawyers — but one lawyer that represents them and their family and made sure they get justice. 

What Does It Cost to Hire a Lawyer at the Shannon Law Group?


The Cost Of Hiring The Shannon Law Group

Oftentimes I’m asked, “What’s the cost to hire a lawyer who has been doing this for 28 years?” If you asked me that during the first eight years of my practice, I would have told you a number per hour — whether it’s $250 or $350 per hour. But I’ll tell you know (after I have been doing this for over 20 years) that I’ve decided the best way to represent a person is to be a partner with them. The way we do that is a contingency fee. That means if you don’t win, I don’t get paid.

Our first meeting with you and every other meeting with you is a free consultation. Again, if you do not win, we do not get paid. And if you lose, we don’t get paid either. That makes us indebted to each and every case so we can come through for you. Your interest is before ours at all times. When you come in and make an appointment with us, we will evaluate all of your medical records and all of your other documents and make a decision together — you and me — whether or not you have a case. Again, you will not pay me unless you recover.